About LUX

To simplify and reward; that is the foundation upon which LUX Marketing was formed. Established in 2011, LUX Marketing focuses on an innovative perspective of Digital Marketing, Supplement Creation, Brand Activation and Brand Awareness .

LUX Marketing’s first major venture was joining forces with Virgin Holidays and creating the new “Dine Around” program, turning into a great success.

LUX Marketing is able to create these supplement packages for major tour operators around the world that have a minimum of 60k travelers in a selected destination.

We work for both the Vendor and Tour Operator to create outstanding products. Our products are designed to meet the demand of the Tour Operator’s clientele while simultaneously creating substantial volume for the Vendor.

LUX’s other venture was the Referral Program in 2012. It is modeled around rewarding Hospitality Professionals throughout the Orlando Market. LUX focused on issues that reps have been having with the referral business and used that information to pave a new path for this industry that is beneficial for both the Hospitality Representative and Vendor. We offer short training sessions and pride ourselves in the ability to offer one-on-one time with our Reps.

Our training sessions and commitment help Reps better understand their potential market so that they can enjoy all of the benefits of a fully functional referral program.

LUX offers a variety of Digital Marketing services. Whether our clients goal is brand awareness, social media assistance and management, web development, or SEO/SEM, we strive to provide unique and cutting-edge strategies for our clients.

LUX continues to expand its database of businesses, restaurants, attractions, venues, and establishments.

The list is never complete; LUX is always looking for new vendors and partners. LUX Marketing is built on experience within the industry. We are continuously learning and growing to ensure we are able to bring every business that we partner with to a new place within the market. We look forward to working with you!