Distribution Marketing

The Distribution Program is the latest model in rewarding Hospitality employees throughout the Orlando Market. LUX focuses on issues that reps have with the referral business and uses that information to create a distribution model that is rewarding for both the Rep and Vendor. We offer short trainings and pride ourselves in the ability to offer one-on-one time with our Reps. Our trainings and commitment help reps better understand their potential market so that they can enjoy all of the benefits of a fully functional referral program.

Track Referrals, Update Payment Information & Order More Cards

Register your account with us to track your referral redemptions, order additional marketing collateral and update information for timely payments.  To have a LUX representative email referralcards@luxgroups.com

How Does It Work?

  • Our Distribution Team will deliver referral cards that will get your guests discounts and specials
  • You hand out the referral cards to your guests while making sure to write your information on it for commission!
  • The card is turned in by your guest upon arrival with our Vendor
  • Our Vendors return these cards at the end of each month to LUX
  • LUX enters your referrals into our database
  • You are able to log in to check on your previous months referrals
  • LUX cuts a check every 30 days that is sent directly to you!
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To have a LUX representative contact you, click here